Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Give Jennifer Lopez’s Daily Smoothie a Try

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jennifer lopez diet

She really does get better with age and at 45, what can JLo credit that to? Her crazy dance routines, working out regularly and of course her diet.

She tells Shape Magazine that while growing up in the Bronx, NY she didn’t get the healthiest meals or the best nutritional education. She began learning more about the importance of a healthy diet and exercise – especially for women – and hasn’t really stopped since!

I mean, just look at her…

Her recent partnership with BodyLab, a wellness brand that makes unique protein shakes and smoothies created for women, has been a total success. BodyLab’s mission is to inspire and educate women to be their most confident, strong, and best selves – basically everything JLo is already. She explains that most products on the shelves today are geared towards men and she wanted something that women can have to help them achieve their goals as well.

Unsurprisingly, when we heard about her favorite fat burning shake that she drinks every single morning, how could we not check it out for ourselves?

Each shake has less than 100 calories per serving, provides a high amount of protein, fiber and other metabolism boosting nutrients. The “Berry Berry Good Smoothie” contains strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Berries aren’t just the perfect low-calorie snack, they’re packed with antioxidants, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. It’s not only extremely good for you but it boosts your mood and energy levels as well! Not bad for the most important meal of the day.

Berry Berry Good Smoothie

3 cups strawberries
1 cup blueberries
1 cup raspberries
1 cup Greek yogurt
1 scoop BodyLab Tasty Shake (Vanilla) – $22
1 tsp. cinnamon
2 tbsp. honey
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
½ cup ice cubes


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Do you think the Jennifer Lopez diet smoothie is as amazing as it sounds?

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