Daily Bite Wellness Tip: The Best Inner Thigh Workout Ever

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Summer is right around the corner and we know how important that #thighgap is for your perfect beach bod. The inner thigh is a really easy part of the body to skip when working out and sometimes people aren’t even sure how to target this muscle group without the help of a trusty ThighMaster. A strong inner thigh is a healthy and attractive one. Show yours some love with these 3 easy exercises that’ll keep you confident all summer long!

1. Inner Thigh Blaster


Place a small ball in between your thighs and as you hold onto a chair or table with one hand, bend your knees, press your thighs into the ball and rise up on the balls of your feet, then lower down. Repeat 20 times, 2 sets for a true burn.

2. Scissor Legs Plank


In plank position, put folded towels or paper plated under each foot. Keep your upper body stable and slide your feet in and out as wide as you can! Do 3 sets of 15. You’ll feel this in your legs, arms and core!

3. Frog Bend


Lie on your back with legs extended up in the air. Put your feet together and slowly bend knees out to the sides, then straighten, using your thigh muscles to contract. Do 3 sets of 12 reps!

A routine like this is great to do 3 to 4 times a week. According to Fitness Blender, “Using it more than this is not recommended because it is so focused on just one muscle group.” If you add these exercises to your cardio, upper body and core workout routine, you are in for one crazy full body workout!

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What’s your favorite inner thigh workout?

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