Daily Bite [Sweat]: Dance Inspired Moves For Thigh-Toning

Dance Inspired Thigh Toning Exercises

Quick: what exercise would you do to tone your thighs? Your first thought is probably lunges, right? Well, it’s time to switch things up a little. Dance might just be the solution.

There’s no question that dance is a great form of exercise, but for some people, rhythm isn’t exactly their strong point. Zumba and hip hop classes aren’t for everyone, and neither is intense weight training. Everyone has their own workout niche and exercises that they prefer. So, if you’re looking to get a dancer’s body but you’re not exactly dance-inclined, don’t copy their dance moves — get inspired by them!

With this workout, you can tone your thighs with ballet-inspired moves. We present to you, the Plié Squat with a Leg Sweep — the exercise that just might change how you feel about lunges. Check out the video for instructions, and get to it!

Try This Move for Thinner Thighs

How do you change up your exercise routine?


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