Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Water Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!

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infused water ideas

It’s simple! We have to drink water daily but for some of us, it’s a total drag. So why drink it plain when you can add some flavor without buying the bottled stuff? Water infused with fruit and herbs help with detoxification, energy and hydration. Not to mention all the vitamin C and other healthy nutrients you are getting. It couldn’t be easier, mix up any flavors that you love and personalize them to your own favorite tastes. Fruit-infused water is best after letting sit for two-four hours or after it has infused overnight. The length of time in which you can drink it depends on the type of fruit and herbs you use. Basil, for example, only lasts three days while rosemary or thyme can last up to seven days.

The beauty of making your own infused waters is that you can create any combination that your heart desires and add as little or as many fruits and herbs as you like!  Make a personal bottle to go or an entire pitcher that’ll impress party guests. Get inspired by the fruits and herbs that are on sale in the supermarket to help come up with new combinations and keep your fruit-infused waters easy on the wallet.

Some of our favorite combos?

  • Lemon, Lime & Mint
  • Strawberry & Kiwi
  • Cucumber, Grapefruit & Rosemary
  • Blueberry & Lavender

P.S- Add coconut water for a sweeter taste. Enjoy!

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Which fruit infused or flavored water are you going to try?



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