Healthy Meals On-the-Go with CORE Foods: Review + Giveaway

corefoodsFor all of us with busy lives and days spent on-the-go, finding the time to pause and eat a fulfilling meal isn’t always possible. Many companies out there have jumped on the idea of making it easy to bring food along with you, but how many of those “meal replacements” are actually as nutritious as they seem?  CORE Foods recognized a problem and developed a new kind of bar fit for your busy lifestyle and health needs.

One of CORE Food’s tag lines is: “Eat this when a salad won’t fit in your pocket.” We have to be honest, the Defender Bars are not exactly for you if a salad is what you crave. But, if you aim to feel full and confident that you are fueling your body for the day, Defender Bars are the way to go.


The concept of the bar is to eat it while drinking water, so the oats and other whole ingredients fill you up. What sets these bars aside from all the other companies on the market is the tame sweetness factor. So often, meal bars are chock full of sugar and basically seem like a candy bar. Defenders are not overwhelmingly sweet, and instead their flavor comes from their ingredients. For example, the Cashew Cacao flavor has a great dark chocolate flavor to it from the chunks of cacao throughout the bar, and the Raw Almond Raisin tasted more like a bowl of oatmeal with raisins. The appetizing flavors, along with the nutritional value, make these bars a great option for meals on-the-go!

What else do we love about CORE Foods?

  • All CORE products are 100% organic, gluten free, vegan, and raw!

  • Because they are raw and organic, you know they will be fresh when you eat them rather than sitting on a shelf for years.

  • The bars have 75-95% less sugar than other bars being sold.

  • CORE makes Defender Bars for health and longevity and Warrior bars for high intensity activities so you can fuel yourself with the right eats depending on your needs.

  • Camping season is upon us and you better believe we will be packing CORE Foods meals before we hit the trails.

The team at CORE Foods wants you to experience their meal goodness and has generously offered to give TWO sample packs to loyal BSW readers. All you have to do is enter our giveaway below! With any luck, hopefully you will have a Defender Bar in your bag waiting to be enjoyed the next time you are out and about.


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