6 Science-Proven Secrets of Happy Couples: How True Are They?

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Thanks to Yahoo Health, there are apparently 6 secrets to happy relationships that were actually tested. But whether you have just gone on your first date, just moved in together or just gotten married – how accurate are these secrets? Of course, communication and trust are two top priorities when it comes to a happy and healthy relationship but neither are even on this list.  Here we sum up several important findings from studies on what actually makes couples happy. Who knew love was so scientific?

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1. Master The Love Language

As we all know, communication is key but what about the specific type of communication? No, this doesn’t mean we should all start speaking in Spanish or French. Researchers analyzed conversations that went on during a speed-dating round and those who spoke alike (people who like to swear/don’t like to swear, people who use proper language, for example) were more likely to have a connection. Yahoo Health explains to us that we should all be on our best language behavior when talking to a potential love match!

2. It’s Not All About The Looks

Although we have heard this a million times, we are obviously attracted to the person by looking at them! However, looks have nothing to do with sexual satisfaction nor do they have any indication on happiness. So Bradley Cooper wouldn’t make me happy? Who knows! It has very little to do with how handsome he is. Sorry ladies!

3. Know When To Just Let Things Go

Every couple has their disagreements. But apparently sometimes it’s better to just agree with your partner on things when the topic of discussion isn’t as important. Being agreeable is directly linked to more successful marriages. “Being understanding, positive, kind, and agreeable are traits to look for in a mate.”

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4. Go With Your Gut

When making an informed decision, it is best to follow your instincts instead of your conscious feelings. The gut feeling that you have is usually right when telling you if something is right, or not so right. That feeling is a signal coming from the stomach and going to your brain hence, the whole science part of this.

5. Be A Best Friend

This is simple. Tell each other everything, spend time together but also don’t be afraid to spend time apart too! That is totally healthy. One study found that couples are happier overall when they consider each other their “best friend”. Adorable!

6. Love At First Sight Is Real

Although some might think that it’s totally weird, and maybe even creepy, if someone tells them they fell in love with them the first time they saw them but it happens! According to one survey done in Israel, “Only 11 percent of 493 long-term relationships said they fell in “love at first sight.”” Even though 11% is small, it’s still a number and it’s still totally possible. Have you ever fallen in love at fist sight?


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How much of these secrets do you believe to be true?