Fit Getaway: Spa like the Rich

Finally, spas for (really rich and famous) people like us!

Do you know what’s missing from our spa experience? Hanging out with Angelina Jolie or Meg Ryan or even Phyllis Diller (RIP).Fortunately, the fitness fanatics at Shape have put together a list of the  favorite spas of Hollywood’s A-listers. The magazine calls them the Top 10 Bikini Boot Camps, but we’re pretty sure that real boot camps are a little less glamorous. Ever been to a boot camp where there was a massage chair waiting for you when you got to the finish line? Us either. Although we can’t say we wouldn’t welcome it with open arms.

If you are ready to hit the road to break a sweat and feel ritzy these lovely locations range from California (of course) to Geneva (retro-glamour!) to the Phillipines (meet Woody Harrelson!). We won’t pretend that we’ve already scheduled our weekends at any of these places. But, don’t dismiss the article as fantasy fodder. Shape provides links to the websites for all the spas, and it’s educational to read about what each resort emphasizes as part of their routines for their famous (and merely rich) clients. We are talking a fusion of breathtaking views with top of the line fitness techniques. Even if you can’t pay a pretty penny to visit the top wellness spas of the world, we promise you that Julia Roberts’ yoga map isn’t any better than your own. Well, at least it’s not a whole lot better. And if you do decide to head off to one of these very special spas–well, say hello to Oprah for us…

Wouldn’t boot camp with Oprah be a dream fit getaway? We are already picking out our perfect Lulu Lemon outfit in the off chance this sweaty run in happens.

Kim Kardashian's Stunning Mexico Getaway

Where would your dream fitness getaway be? Have you ever worked out with a celebrity? Let’s chat below!


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