Dinner & a Movie: Recipes Inspired by Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting

When it comes to classic 90s  movies it doesn’t get any better than Good Will Hunting. This movie is on every best fall movie and for good reason. Written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, this heart felt drama was the coming  of age story of Will Hunting, a self taught genius/janitor. The star studded cast in this movie included Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Minnie Driver, and George Plimpton. Set in South Boston, the movie has a balance of  the beautiful fall in Massachusetts and the ruggedness on the inner city. At the box office, Good Will Hunting made over $225 million, 10 million of which was just from opening weekend in the United States. The movie also won Academy Awards and Golden Globes. Try three of our favorite Chicago inspired recipes That would be perfect for your Good Will Hunting movie night.

Chicago Style Hot Dog via Martha Stewart

dinner and a movie goodwill hunting chicago dog

A Chicago dog is unique from any other kind of hot dog because it incorporates vegetables to create a tasty flavor profile. This simple Chicago dog recipe from Martha Stewart Living incorporates dill pickles, tomatoes, onion, and sport peppers. To serve this, give each guest a plain hot dog and let them load up on their favorite ingredients. Including prep and cook time this recipe will take you less than 30 minutes and will go well with a salad or steamed vegetables.

Authentic Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich via Amazing Ribs

Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich

This sandwich has been a staple in Chicago cuisine since the 1930’s. Some of the ingredients you’ll need to make this iconic sandwich are an Italian style roll, a top round with a fat cap (a specific cut of beef), Italian sweet peppers, and giardiniera peppers (also know as hot peppers). This recipe is from celebrity chef Guy Fieri, and is truly authentic version of the sandwich. Another special feature of this sandwich is that after you make a sandwich, its tradition to ladle some of the beef broth on the sandwich.It is heavily debated who invented the sandwich first, but one thing Chicagoans can decide on is that it’s delicious.

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza via Chew Out Loud

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

The most acclaimed food to come out of Chicago and is loved all over the world. This pizza is 3 inches deep of cheesy, saucy, and baked deliciousness. Deep dish pizza was invented by Ike Sewell, who went on to start the world famous chain Uno’s Pizzeria. One of our favorite deep dish pizza recipes is from King Arthur Flour, this version is less deep (only 1 1/2 inches)  and makes a 14 inch pie which helps first timers bake it more evenly. Mozzarella cheese and Italian sausage are the filing ingredients for this pizza but you could all include pepperoni, ground beef, or even spinach. Like Will Hunting’s transformation, this pizza is a labor of love and will take about 2 to 3 hours to make.

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