Dinner and a Movie: Cooking Couture

The month of July just so happens to center around a lot of different foods. The entire month is dedicated to blueberries, ice cream, and hot dogs (quite a combination) and there are days scattered throughout the month that are dedicated to chocolate, sugar cookies, pecan pie, tapioca, cheesecake, spinach, and a few other delicious foods. Apparently, whoever is in charge of holidays got hungry in July, but that is ok with us because there is nothing we love more than food. Dinner and a movie is always about making foods inspired by our favorite movies, but this week we are getting serious about cooking. We have picked out a few movies all about cooking, and making it our mission to master a few recipes by the end of this week’s dinner and a movie. Check out the movies centered around a love of cooking and the recipes to go with them below!

No Reservations + Italian Sausage Asiago Stuffed Mushrooms (via Pia Recipes)

No Reservations for Dinner and a Movie Cooking.jpgvia

It is a fact of life: where there is food there is romance, and usually passionate romance at that. No Reservations is proof of the perfect union between love and food as two chefs with completely different working styles are forced to come together in the kitchen. The vegetables are not the only things that get steamy in this movie. Try an appetizer to start this marathon with stuffed mushrooms. The little poppers will be gone before the end of the movie.

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Stuffed Mushrooms for Dinner and a Movie Cooking.jpg

Ratatouille + Ratatouille (via Foodista)

Ratatouille Movie for Dinner and a Movie Cooking.jpg


You didn’t very well think that we could have a dinner and a movie night without Ratatouille did you? People of all ages can agree this movie is fantastic. Although a little unrealistic (ok, very unrealistic) the rat and the chef are a perfect pair and their food looks delicious. If we could eat animated food, it would be from this movie. Of course, since the movie is all about ratatouille, your recipe challenge is ratatouille. Don’t worry, we are sure you can make it to the standards of even the toughest critc!

Ratatouille Recipe for Dinner and a Movie Cooking Couture.jpg

Julie & Julia + Cherry Clafouti (via Pop Sugar)

Julie & Julia for Dinner and a Movie Cooking.jpgvia

For both Julie and Julia of the movie Julie & Julia, (tongue twister), cooking is coping. Their motto is when life gets you down, attack a new recipe. Cherry Clafouti is one of Julia Child’s most outstanding recipes. See if you can make it just like her as you watch this movie about the lives of two women who find solace in cooking.

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 Cherry Clafouti (via Pop Sugar) Dinner and a Movie Couture Cooking

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What is your favorite cooking movie?


  1. Ratatoullie is my FAVORITE!! I didn’t like the movie all that much, but the dish, YES PLEASE! Brings back so many family memories! 🙂 Oh and my dad is TOP NOTCH at making Clafouti! We are French after all!


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