Dinner & A Movie: 5 Must-See Movies in October + Recipes

October isn’t exactly a blockbuster movie month, and because of that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to present the diamonds in the ruff. Here are 5 movies you should check out with 5 recipes to cook up before heading out the door.

1. Don Jon + Wedding Soup (via Cooking With My Kids)

don jon-dinner and a movie(Photo via nuvo)

This romantic comedy-drama features a heavily accented Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson, playing the roles of two New Jersey natives who meet at a nightclub and quickly become infatuated with each other. Jon “Don Jon” Martello (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) cares about a pretty typical list of things for a young man: “my body, my pad, my ride, my family, my church, my boys, my girls, my porn”. When he meets Barbara (Scarlett Johansson), the equation changes and the Don starts having some trouble balancing it out. The relationship is damaged after Barbara catches Jon watching porn, and it looks like the Don may have to change some things around to make things work.

Before heading out to watch this great movie (you really should see it, it has an 83% approval rating on rottentomatoes), prepare a NJ-style wedding soup. This staple of Italian-American cuisine consists of green vegetables and meatballs and/or sausage in a clear chicken-based broth.

wedding soup-dinner and a movie

2. Gravity + Moon Rock Cakes (via Taste)

gravity-dinner and a movie(Photo via space)

This box office blockbuster stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in a heart-pounding thriller set in deep space. On a routine spacewalk, disaster strikes, the shuttle gets destroyed and they are left all alone floating far away from Earth. Other things definitely happen during the movie because I highly doubt they float around in space for two hours. The film promises to be thrilling and entertaining for the Physics geek and layman alike.

As you watch, how fun would it be to chew on some ‘moon rocks’? (If you can sneak them in. It’s not hard) These delicious cookie desserts are made from flour, butter, eggs, raisins, and marshmallows. Chocolate chips are optional.

moon rocks-dinner and a movie

3. Romeo and Juliet + Red Velvet Cupcakes (via Baked Bree)

romeo and juliet-dinner and a movie(Photo via rottentomatoes)

This new adaptation features the timeless story set in the 21st century. While the movie may not be THE best Romeo and Juliet ever made, it’s a nice production suitable for those who want to enjoy a retelling and younger viewers who haven’t yet seen the story in movie-form. The all-star cast includes Hailee Steinfeld, Douglas Booth, Paul Giamatti and Stellan Skarsgaard.

Watch this movie with homemade red velvet cupcakes!

red-velvet-cupcakes-dinner and a movie

4. Adventures in the Sin Bin + Chips & Mississippi Sin Dip (via Jill’s Junction)

adventures-in-the-sin-bin-dinner and a movie(Photo via yahoo)

Coming out soon after another sexual beginnings film (The To Do List), this one is also about a shy teen and his awkward first forays into sex. He begins loaning out his van, nicknamed the Sin Bin, to his friends for intimate but mostly sexual moments with the ladies, while he himself remains a frustrated virgin. When he meets a helpful schoolmate and his girlfriend, things get suddenly interesting as a love triangle develops.

Chips and sin dip would be great with this comedy. Made with cheddar cheese, cream cheese, ham, and sour cream, you would be sinning if you eat this (literally, if you observe kosher).

sin dip-dinner and a movie

5. I Will Follow You Into the Dark + Dark Chocolate Brownies (via Food)

i-will-follow-you-into-the-dark-dinner-and-a-movie(Photo via akamai)

This more independent film may be playing in less theaters than the ones listed above, but it’s well worth checking out. A supernatural romance thriller, it presents Sophia, a young woman battling depression after losing both of her parents in the last six months. She loses any hope of an afterlife for them but after meeting a new love interest her life begins to pick up. Pretty soon though things get crazy again as Adam mysteriously disappears inside a strange old apartment building. Sophia follows along, determined to find him, even if it means leaving the world of the living…

To help comfort you after watching this freaky thriller, I suggest some dark chocolate brownies when you get home. Use dark chocolate cocoa powder when baking this tasty treat.

Dark Chocolate Brownies

Which movie are you most looking forward to?


  1. I saw Gravity the other day. Everyone is obsessing over it, but to be honest, I wasn’t THE BIGGEST fan. I mean, yes, it was well done, but the entire movie is Sandra breathing. However, I do give her props for acting the way she did. I can only imagine what that was like. Oh and George doesn’t have much of a part in the movie, unlike what the trailers depict. If you do see it, GO TO THE 3D movie. There is no point on seeing it otherwise!

  2. Gravity is the movie I’ve been looking forward to seeing although if I were going to pick a movie based in the food it would be Romeo and Juliet because I’m a sucker for red velvet.

  3. Thanks for the Gravity review! Good to know. @ Ellen I concur with the red velvet cupcakes. Magnolia’s red velvet cupcakes in particular are pretty awesome. @Whitney It’s funny you brought up Catching Fire, we’ll be coming out with a post anticipating the release and highlighting recipes inspired from the trilogy!


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