Dinner & A Movie: 5 Frozen Treats Inspired by Disney’s Frozen


Frozen is the new Disney movie opening on Thanksgiving eve. Hailed as the best Disney movie since The Lion King, this female protagonist-heavy computer animated film promises to be a great theatrical experience. The movie’s about a fantasy kingdom of Arendelle with two princesses, Elsa (Idina Menzel), the soon-to-be Queen, and Anna (Kristen Bell). Elsa is born with the ability to create snow and ice. She suppresses those powers though after a traumatic childhood incident in which she almost kills Anna. Her parents punish her by separating her from Anna throughout their upbringing. On her sister’s coronation day, however, Anna falls in love with Prince Hans of the Southern Isles and the two become engaged. This enrages her big sister, which results in Elsa releasing her powers and freezing the entire kingdom. Disgusted with the continued lack of control over her sorcery, Elsa flees up the mountain and disappears. Anna must then find her sister and reconcile before the arrogant Duke of Weselton plots to turn everyone against Elsa to promote his own political ambitions.

It seems one of the reasons this movie has gotten such strong acclaim is due to the symbolic nature of the plot. The fantasy aspect appeals greatly to children but the movie has enough symbolism and cross-over to appeal to adults as well. The sibling rivalry is something many adults can identify with and the Duke of Weselton reminds me of most political campaigns nowadays. The strong female characters are also another reason this movie’s so awesome.

Before heading out to see Frozen this Thanksgiving break, you can prepare the following frozen treats (not all at once though. Unless you’re a family of 12 like the Steve Martin film). After coming back home you can discuss the film while savoring the tasty desserts:

1. Five Ingredient Ice Cream

(Photo via oneingredientchef)

You can make this vanilla ice cream using milk, vanilla extract, condensed milk, salt, and heavy cream. If the magical eternal winter had unlimited amounts, I highly doubt Anna would have tried to reverse the spell.

2. Cinnamon Ice Cream

cinnamon-ice-cream-frozen(Photo via simplyrecipes)

Cinnamon, as Jerry Seinfeld asserted, makes everything taste better. This recipe is no different. Recipe provided by Elizabeth.

3. Strawberry Freeze

kraft-strawberry-freeze-frozen(Photo via kraftrecipes)

This strawberry cheesecake is deliciously sweet. The crust is made with chocolate chip cookies! I rest my case.

4. Gingersnap Banana Frozen Yogurt

Gingersnap-Banana Frozen Yogurt
(Photo via kitchendaily)

This health-conscious treat is made with frozen yogurt, gingersnap cookies, bananas, and toasted pecans.

5. Frozen Fruit Cups

frozen-fruit-cup(Photo via veggienook)

Another healthy choice, you can make these fruits cups using bananas, milk, and oranges. Freeze for about an hour and defrost for 10 minutes before consuming.

Have you seen Frozen yet?


  1. I am still on a mission to make my own vegan, sugar-free, nut-free and soy-free ice cream! Wish me luck! LOL!… However, not so sure I want to eat any cold desserts right now, since it’s pretty cold outside!


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