Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Use a Tea Bag to Reduce Eye Infections

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Styes are painful, annoying, and pretty damn ugly. Being that they develop on the eyelid, they’re damn near impossible to hide or forget about. Every time you blink, you’re made aware of the lesion that’s just casually chilling with your eyelashes and it’s pretty much the worst. While they do subside on their own, they sure do take their time in departing. To speed up the process, try applying a warm tea bag! The effect is two fold: the tannic acid in the tea kills the harmful bacteria that gave you the stye in the first place while the heat draws the infection out, thus reducing the swelling.

It’s not only styes that can benefit from a little bit of tea, however! Pink eye and other eye infections have benefited from a warm tea bag compress before.

There are some things to mention first before putting just any type of tea on your eyelids, though. Firstly, not all teas are created equal and it must be either a green or black tea. This antioxidant-rich variety has more health benefits than any of those “lemon zingers” or “raspberry” types. In addition, make sure the water you are steeping the tea bag in is warm and not hot. This is for obvious reasons, of course. You wouldn’t want to burn your eye! Lay tea bags on your eyes while blinking gently to let the liquid seep into the corners and rest there for anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

After you have made sure to follow these simple directions, feel free to reapply daily to reap the benefits. The eyes are one of the bodies most precious organs and regular upkeep and cleansing is highly advised. Forget about cucumbers and reach for the green tea!


How do you handle eye infections?

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