Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Salt Water Gargle for A Sore Throat

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip Salt Water Gargle for Sore Throat

Sore throats are the worst. Irritating, painful, and persistent, this common ailment is annoying enough to drive the sanest person absoultely mad. Over the counter cough drops and lozenges only provide temporary relief and ice pops are less effective than they are tasty. While eating pints of Ben & Jerry’s might seem fun because “it’s the only thing you can get down”, then it’s time to think again! The dairy will only make you feel more phlegm-y, clogged up, and in pain.

If it’s a real cure you’re looking for, than look no further than your kitchen cabinet! Gargling with salt water is one of the oldest sore throat remedies in the book and it has stuck around simply because it’s effective. Not only does the salt water reduce swelling within the throat, it also wipes away bacteria and mucus, which paves the way for a speedy recovery!  To make the solution, mix 1 teaspoon of pure sea salt into an 8 oz glass of warm water.

It should be noted however, that not every sore throat is caused by the same thing. While a salt water gargle will help those induced by a virus, bacterial infections require something a little stronger – antibiotics. If your sore throat lasts more than what seems “normal” and it is accompanied by unusual swelling, fever, and/or fatigue, it might be time to get it checked out by a doctor. You might have strep throat or even a tonsil infection! Something that serious rarely “goes away by itself” and definitely is not alleviated by just salt.

Just the beginning stages of a cold? Gargle away!

Do you salt water gargle?

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