Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Randomly Take The Day Off

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip Take Day Off

That’s right, we are super supportive of you taking the once-in-a-blue-moon day off to totally play hooky. Would it make you feel less guilty about it if you knew it was healthy for you? Mental health days or personal days are good for everyone now and again, and it’s better to give yourself the benefits regularly, so that you never reach the point where you snap and need a mental health day. We’re not saying once a week – you have to be realistic – but occasionally is completely fine and advised.

Taking a personal day on a random work day is different than being off on the weekends because you’re the only one home, and you’re likely to be one of the few out on the town, the park or where ever you go to relax as well. Maybe the grocery store calms your nerves, who knows, but it’ll definitely be nice and quiet on an early Wednesday afternoon.

Taking a day off can also help with your relationships, your partner, family, friends, and colleagues, because it gives you the time to think through all of those crazy things you need to keep in order. Alleviating your mind of the chaos will surely result in a more pleasant version of yourself. The effects won’t just last one day though. There is quite a difference between working four days and working five days, so taking the day off will improve the entirety of your week. It might even energize you in the coming weekend as you’ll be more refreshed and won’t need to wind down as much. You can finally go out with your friends and family (or you know, your dog or whatever) and enjoy the soon-to-be, beautiful spring weather!

Not sure what to do with yourself on your day off? Perhaps pampering yourself or trying out a new recipe is in order!

So who’s going to call out sick tomorrow?

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