8 Ways to Boost Your Energy (without Red Bull)

8 All-Natural Energy Boosters

It’s time to ditch that Red Bull! A lot of us rely on caffeine when our energy levels drop and we’re feeling sluggish, but becoming totally dependent on coffee and energy drinks to keep going isn’t good for your health, and it’s really only a temporary fix. If you’re looking to try the caffeine-free route to get a more natural energy boost that won’t leave you crashing later, here are 8 all-natural energy-boosting tips to turn to!

1. Drink Water

For coffee addicts everywhere, this may sound useless, but it really all comes down to dehydration. Not getting an adequate amount of fluids every day will leave you feeling dried out and tired. Start monitoring how much water you actually drink, and for an added boost, drink ice-cold water when you start feeling your energy dropping.

2. Get Fruity

A yummy way to boost energy is to chow down on an apple. Apples contain malic acid, which is a natural energy booster that doesn’t make you crash like caffeine and other similar stimulants do. Or, if you’re not hungry and you need a quick pick me up, go the citrus route. Drink orange juice, use grapefruit or fresh lemon-scented lotion, or smell a citrus-y candle.

3. Take a Break

If you’re feeling tired at work and you can’t focus, take a 10-15 minute break and try one of these tricks. Meditation, stretching, a little exercise like push-ups, or a short walk around the block outside in the fresh air should all leave you feeling more alert. Step out of the office and pick one – Meditation will boost your mental health, and a little activity will wake you up, especially if you get out in the sun for a few!

4.  Eat Breakfast

Skipping breakfast sets the tone for your whole day. No morning meal means low blood sugar, and low blood sugar means low energy and fatigue. Make sure your breakfast isn’t all carbs, either – while you may feel a boost after you eat your bagel, you’ll crash later. Try eating oatmeal (it’s a better carb than just bread and has lots of fiber) with berries (they contain antioxidants and natural stimulants,) yogurt, or eggs (protein means long-lasting energy.)

5.  Tune In

Music usually makes everyone feel good. Listening to some upbeat music (or calming music if you’re feeling stressed) is a great pick me up and will get you in the right frame of mind to get your work done and make it through a rough, dragging day. Try making a Pandora radio station that’s specifically for work – one that makes you feel good and but keeps you focused. That way you just might discover more music that keeps you feeling fab!

6. Socialize

You may think talking to others will only hinder your performance, but socialization is really necessary for good mental health! Obviously talking when you’re supposed to be doing other things isn’t appropriate, but take the time during your lunch break to chat with co-workers or to call up a friend/loved one and talk for a few minutes. We already know laughter is the best medicine, so chat with someone who makes you smile.

7. Quit Slouching

Your posture affects your whole body, and if you’re a sloucher, not only will your back be hurting later; your brain will be feeling slouchy too. Become aware of your posture and try to get into the habit of sitting up straight and standing tall. It should help you feel more alert and will have great health benefits in the long run.

8. Multitask No More

Multitasking is not going to help you focus, and that means that even though you may think you’re getting more done, you’re really not. Make a to-do list in which you break big tasks (like writing an article) into smaller steps (like researching, outlining, etc.) and approach them one-at-a-time. You’ll stay focused and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

If you think you need caffeine to fuel your daily workload, try going caffeine-free and trying these tips! Your body just may surprise you with how much you can accomplish without unhealthy stimulants.

How do you give yourself an energy boost without Red Bull? Share your ideas below!

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  1. Hehe, maybe I should stop eating apples so close to my bedtime:)
    In terms of energy boosting, it sounds simplistic but deep breathing for several good breathes and stretching perks me up.

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