Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Join In on Meatless Monday

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip - Meatless Monday

Heard of Meatless Mondays before? That’s because more and more people are finding out about the benefits of forgoing meat at least one day a week. Even if you are self-proclaimed “meat-lover”, we promise it won’t be too tough. With so many tasty, veggie options, you won’t even miss it… Well, you won’t miss it that much.

Still feeling skeptical? Some reasons for participating in the Meatless Monday tradition have to do both with personal health and the environment.

Health benefits? Cutting out meat just once a week can decrease heart disease by up to %19. That is truly a considerable amount and worth a shot if you are struggling with your cholesterol or heart-related health risks. Another great benefit would be that it forces you to eat more veggies!

When you realize that you can’t rely solely on cuts of deli meat in your sandwiches or bacon for breakfast, you have to think outside of the box. Try adding avocado, tomato, and arugula in your work lunch sandwich, or swapping that bacon for a cup of fruit. You never know, you might even feel more satisfied and less sluggish.

It is true, that sluggishness you might be feeling could be due to your omnivorous diet. Studies have shown that meat-filled diets take more energy and simply take longer to digest, oftentimes leading to constipation and less regular bowel movements, especially when consumed in large amounts. Eating a diet high in veggies and fruit will help keep you regular due to the higher amounts of fiber.

Other than health benefits, a meatless day can actually have a positive environmental impact as well. It truly has the ability of reducing your carbon footprint. The meat and livestock industry is one of the biggest consumers of water and creators of green house gas emissions. Every little bit  you consume (or do not) can truly make the difference.

How do you feel about going meatless?

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