Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Beet Juice for Youthful Skin

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip Beet Juice Benefit

So, the fountain of youth might not exist or have been found (yet), but do you know what does? Beet juice. This ruby red elixir is full of folate, which is a vitamin that helps protect against premature aging by stimulating the production and repair of skin cells. While you can reap some of it’s benefits simply by drinking it, we understand that sometimes the flavor isn’t exactly for everybody.While we love its sweet taste when juiced, you can always go the topical route as well.

Mix one part beet juice with one part carrot juice and apply to your face. Rinse off and moisturize with a bit of coconut oil and BAM you’re seventeen again. Well, not quite, but cheers to hoping!

Beets are high in folic acid and manganese, in addition to containing a bevvy of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so we actually recommend drinking your daily dose. In this way, not only does it have the potential to benefit your skin, but can also aid in blood circulation which has the potential to not only make you feel better all around but look better too. Plumper cheeks, shinier hair, and brighter skin can all be expected.

How do you like the taste of beet juice?

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