Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Don’t Forget Your Egg Yolks!

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip - Egg Yolk Benefits

For so long we have heard the health conscious at restaurants ask, ” Can I have an egg white only omelet please?” With so many people thinking that lower calories means that a food item is better for you, we are here to spin that belief around. Stop discarding your egg yolks! While, yes, egg whites are a fraction of the calories of a whole egg (16 kcal vs 70 kcal), some of their nutritional benefits significantly downgrade as well. For example, vitamins B2, B12, D, and iron will be void from your meal if you choose to simply consume the whites. Luckily for you, however, the protein will still be present.

In addition – due to the fact that egg yolks are relatively higher in cholesterol – many have previously thought of them as unhealthy. However, as the Harvard School of Public Health has found, consuming up 1 egg yolk a day does not increase heart disease risk in healthier individuals. Of course, if you have a history of difficulty controlling you LDL cholesterol levels or heart disease, you might want to ask your doctor and monitor your intake more closely.

Finally, egg yolks keep your fuller for longer. This might even mean consuming less calories than usual throughout the day! It seems like a real win to us.

The real lesson here is that it all lies in preparation. Try making a veggie-filled omelet with one yolk and three whites, baking a whole egg in an avocado, or trying it over a salad. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Do you eat the yolk?

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