How To Keep Your Curls Healthy And Frizz Free

Anyone blessed (or cursed, depending on the humidity) with curly hair understands the everyday struggle. If you can’t find your comb, you’re roughing it for that day. Slight bit on humidity in the air? You’re suddenly taken back in time to the 70’s. And then there’s the eternal conundrum of what shampoo works best. It can become overwhelming.

Luckily, there are people out there in the world who know what they’re talking about. We stumbled upon this super informative infograph created by and want to share it with you. The website also provides a system that allows you to identify the type of curly hair you have. From there, you’re given resources on care tips, technique, and the best products to suit your coveted curls. They also have an entire section dedicated to DIY hair care! So if you feel lost about how to nourish your curls, check out the diagram below and make your way to the Naturally Curly website.

curly hair tips

Bonus tips: When you do use shampoo in your hair, always use a product that is 100% sulfate free. Sodium lauryl sulfate is the main ingredient in most shampoos, and is too harsh for curly hair. It can dry out the hair follicles, leaving your curls less bouncy and more frizzy.

When drying your hair, avoid using a towel. The fibers can catch and tear out your hair. Instead, use an old t-shirt. The t-shirt won’t fully absorb all of the water, keeping your hair moisturized. This helps combat the dreaded frizz.

Don’t worry if you don’t get all of your conditioner out. Your hair – particularly if it’s dry, could use the extra moisture the the conditioner will continue to provide post-shower. You can even opt to add a leave in conditioner to your routine as well.

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What are some curly hair tips you have in your arsenal?


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