What Temperature Should You Actually Be Showering At?

best shower temperature

There’s nothing better than a hot shower, right? It provides us with a steam-filled sanctuary, relieves stiff muscles and joints, and it relaxes us after a long day.

But do you know anyone who takes cold showers? Turns out the benefits for cold showers far exceed those of hot ones! We’ve all been there…you’re taking a long hot shower and all of a sudden you feel the water getting colder and colder, so we panic and jump out. After hearing what that cold water can do for you, you might not jump out as quickly next time!

So, how can cold showers do to benefit us?

Increase Alertness

It seems as though a cold shower in the morning would be the most terrifying thing in the world but it has its benefits. The cold water wakes your skin and your body up! As your heart rate increases so does the rate of blood flow giving us a natural form of energy throughout the day. You don’t have to take an entire 20 minute cold shower either, just turn the temperature down for the last few minutes or so!

Stimulate Weight Loss

This might sound a little bizarre but it’s true. According to LiveStrong.com, “…human brown fat tissue can increase fat burning in response to cold temperatures. One simple way to do this is to take cold showers.” They later explain how cold showers could increase metabolism more than diet and exercise alone!

Speed Up Muscle Recovery

We’ve all seen athletes take cold showers and think “how could they do that?” Well, they’re not doing it just because they’re crazy. A quick cold shower after the gym can be just what your muscles need for recovery, especially delayed muscle soreness that comes a few days after a hard workout.

Relieve Depression 

Just as a cold shower wakes you up, it also boosts your mood! The cold water hits your skin receptors which sends out electrical impulses from the brain making you feel relieved and surprisingly happier.

Improve Skin & Hair

You’d think hot water would be more beneficial but it actually dries out your skin and hair whereas cold water does not. Cold water also keeps your pores tight and sealed which prevents dirt and bacteria from getting in. Your hair benefits too! The cold shower makes your hair grip to the scalp better leaving it looking shiny and healthy.

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Would you ever take a cold shower? Even for the benefits?


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