Forget Coffee! Here Are The Best Caffeine Alternatives.

caffeine alternatives

Feeling that afternoon, 2 pm drowsiness? Don’t jump for the coffee maker just yet! As this may be the second or even third time to the kitchen for a cup of java, the levels of caffeine and added sugars in your body are on the rise. Instead, let’s talk about the beneficial alternatives to coffee. Here are some healthy options that will give you the same amount of energy that you, and your body will love!

Herbal Remedies

caffeine alternatives

Green tea, guarana, cayenne pepper and ginger are all examples of herbs that are used to boost energy. They are often added to energy drinks and weight loss supplements to give people that extra burst of energy when needed. According to an article published by the Journal of the International Society of Sports nutrition, these herbal remedies are also used to boost mental alertness and increase metabolism, which is always a plus during a long day.


caffeine alternatives

Rather than turning to a beverage to give you energy, food will work just as well! Including protein in your meal can help improve concentration, mood and supply long-lasting energy. Try a grilled chicken and hummus wrap for lunch or making a protein-packed smoothie for breakfast, instead of reaching for that cup of joe first thing in the AM. Eggs, nut butters, or smoked salmon on a bagel are all great examples of protein rich foods guaranteed to give you that energy you want and need.


caffeine fix

Dehydration can lead you to feel fatigue and low in energy. To prevent this, there are no fancy equations: Just drink water. Want to know how much you should really be drinking daily? Click here for your water requirement calculator!

Get Up!

caffeine alternativesSometimes a walk around the office or simply getting out of that desk chair you’ve be in for hours is exactly what your body needs to regain energy. Try stretching, walking or even going outside for a little, the fresh air is good for you!

Start today, make the switch! Give yourself a new- New Years resolution. Finding an alternative to coffee is easy and beneficial.

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How do you keep energized throughout the day?



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