Review: D.C.’s BlowDry Taxi Brings Blowouts to Your Home

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Beauty trends come and go. But one that’s here – and probably here to stay – is blowouts. For a small fee, you can head to a shop where the stylist does your hair and you’re out the door in typically less than an hour. That being said, the latest innovation in this growing field are blowouts that actually come to you.

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Washington, D.C.’s answer is BlowDry Taxi. The company was founded by the wife of notable D.C. hair stylist Serkan (who has styled the likes of Jessica Alba and Bobbi Brown) and owner of Georgetown’s Hair Lounge salon, after she realized she had no time to head to the salon as a busy working mom. After booking an appointment, a stylist comes to your house to make your hair beautiful. I scheduled mine just a day or two in advance, and the company graciously accommodated.

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One quick note: You’ll want to make sure your hair is wet before the stylist arrives. And I had a great experience with the service. The stylist was very friendly and talked to me throughout the entire process. We talked about great places to eat in the area and spots to visit in Maryland, where she lived. She also told me she’s worked styling entire bridal parties too. Despite all the chatter, my stylist was also quick – an understandably admirable trait. The entire process took maybe 40 minutes – tops.

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I won’t lie, when I first looked in the mirror, I was a little shocked. I decided to give her free reign over my hair, and my hair almost never looks that put together. The style didn’t exactly flatter my face the way I would have liked, but as time went by, I gradually grew into it. I attended a media event at a hotel that night and thought I looked as posh as ever. The best part of the entire experience? My hair was styled for days after. In my mind, the mark of a good haircut is when it lasts for days after you’ve stepped out of the chair.

It should be noted that because this is a service that comes to you, it doesn’t come cheap. Prices start at around $60. But if you’re headed to a fancy event or just want to pamper yourself, I’d suggest giving BlowDry Taxi a try. It’s fast, convenient and fun, too. Plus, it’s never a bad time to get dolled up.

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Would you give BlowDry Taxi a try?

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  1. Hey Teresa,

    This sounds like an awesome concept and we could definitely use something like this in the UK!

    I am on a bit of a mission for business ideas at the moment and stumbled across this and i love it!



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