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Yoga Studio App

After surveying the yoga app landscape, we’ve decided to promote Yoga Studio as the best yoga app for the price ($2.99). Although it isn’t free, this app really is worth the money, for both beginners and regular practitioners. The app is loaded with more than 280 poses with advice, images and tips for each pose. Additionally, there are 30 HD video classes and users can mix-and-match to schedule their own unique routines. So not only is it comprehensive but you’re able to adjust the workout so that it fits your particular interests and needs. The app also has a built-in calendar so that you can schedule when you’d like to take a yoga class.

The workouts can be 15, 30, or 60 minutes long so you can adjust the length depending on your ability level or time constraints.  You can also choose among beginner, intermediate, or expert yoga poses, as well as filter the classes by ability, focus, and duration. This is obviously a super useful feature that allows the user to more appropriately customize their workout. What’s great too about the classes is that they aren’t initially downloaded unto your device. Instead, you can pick and download whichever one you want, therefore saving your phone’s storage space.

After you download a class, you can go through each pose and learn exactly how to do it, see a list of its benefits, how to modify it, and things to be cautious about (like if you have an injury or tendinitis in the area). The videos are awesome because the instructor has a really calm voice and accompanied by calming music in the background (with an option to turn it off). As the instructor tells you what to do, a model demonstrates the poses on the video. The app also allows you to change the instructor’s voice so that he/she is only saying pose names or you can even have the device make a “ding” noise to indicate the next pose.

yoga-studio-app-screenshot-2(image via girl-heroes)

You can pause the video by tapping it, giving you the ability to skip to the next pose. This feature is what makes this app better than the rest. You get to watch video, noticing the transition from pose to pose (extremely important). At the same time though, you can pause and see poses in a still position, and skip to the next pose. Super useful!

yoga_studio_app_screenshots_4(image via imore)


  • 30 ready-made classes with videos
  • Over 280 poses
  • Descriptions for each pose
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced poses and classes
  • 15, 30, and 60 minute classes
  • Create your own classes
  • Search for poses
  • Schedule classes with Calendar
  • Play classes on your TV with Apple TV and AirPlay
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


  • None — other than the fact that it’s not free! (We’re sending out positive energy today)

The bottom line: Whether you’re completely new to yoga or a seasoned expert, Yoga Studio is an excellent yoga app. We highly recommend it. It’s particularly useful in the winter months when you’d really rather stay in than venture out to a real-life yoga studio.

What’s your favorite fitness app?

Featured image via Yoga Studio


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