Best Men’s Hairstyles For Gentleman

Men’s style has been evolving, and there are many new modern hairstyles you probably haven’t heard of. And while it may be challenging keeping up with all the popular haircuts for guys, if you want to look like a gentleman, it’s important that you update your cut and style.

So if you think your old school haircut is too laborious to fashion into a sharp and stylish look, try these chic hairstyle choices. Make an appointment with your trusted barber then have some fun exploring these cool haircut styles.

Pompadour and Quiff

Pompadour Quiff Hair Style

First seen in the 1950’s a la James Dean and Elvis Presley, both the pompadour and quiff have perpetual staying power. Hair left long on top contrasts with shorter sides and back, which is why we recommend a fade, undercut, or even disconnected undercut on the sides.

To style a pompadour or quiff, apply pomade, putty or paste while your hair is damp. Then blow upward and back while drying to get the desired volume.

Tousled Short Hair

Tousled Short Hair Style

In Spring of 2014, Fendi inaugurated the tousled short hairstyle that is both avant-garde and smart. Guys need to leave some length on top with short sides to make this look work.

To style tousled hair, add a volumizing product to damp hair and use your fingers, twisting small sections as you dry. This modern style will leave you well turned out and in vogue.

Angular Brush Up

Angular Brush Up

If you prefer sharp edges, you can try the well-defined angular brush up. Ideally, hair is left 2 to 4 inches in length on top with the sides and back cut short with a taper, undercut, or fade cut.

Apply hair wax or mousse to damp hair and then use a wide tooth comb while drying straight up to create fullness on top.

Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curls Hair Style

If your hair is wavy, you may want to accentuate those billows with a voluminous curly style. Cutting your hair shorter in the back and on the sides, leaving long, thinner layers on top, will allow your curls to whisk into place.

Use only conditioner to keep your hair healthy as other products tend to dry out your curls and make your hair feel heavy. Excessively curly hair will also need taming to make this hairstyle work for you.

Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut Hair Style

A blended look is the signature of the slicked back undercut for men with hair that is thick and relatively straight. Clipper length for your sides and back should range between 1 and 3 and the cut should not be tapered. Length on top should be layered and ideally between 4 to 6 inches.

Choose a pomade product to achieve the perfect slick. Feel free to elect for either a glossed or matte finish. Comb your hair straight back from your forehead to your nape.

If your hair is wavy, let the layers relax a bit or add some firm hairspray to keep your style in place.

We also recommend this look be coupled with a beard for an extra manly style.

Textured High Volume Undercut

Textured High Volume Undercut

If you prefer to experiment with different hairstyles on a frequent basis, a textured high volume undercut can provide the variety that compliments your current mood. Undercuts work with a mixture of lengths, allowing you to be trendy at work and classically cool for your weekend plans.

Start off by choosing how short you want the back and sides then leave enough length on top to have some stylish fun with.

How To Style Your Hair and Look Your Best

Regardless of what style works for your hair, there are some essential rules to follow.

  • Give various hair products a test run so you can see which textures, holds, and finishes work with your daily style choices. View the latest Argos 50% Off Select Items & Free Delivery deals and discount codes to get awesome savings on your personal Hair care purchase, in-store collection or arrange free home delivery.
  • You always want to look your absolute best, so allow enough time to style your hair. It is always going to take longer than you think, so ignore the urge to press the snooze button.
  • Rely on your hairstylist whose profession it is to know which designs are perfect for your locks, work best with the shape of your face, and what is trending.
  • When purchasing products, do your research and never skimp on quality. You want the time you spent styling to have staying power.

Now that you know you have plenty of options to rock your thick hair, discover your mane identity and get noticed.


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