Does Beer Have the Power to Make Split Ends Disappear?

split ends

Between the salt water from the ocean, the chlorine in the pool, and using heating appliances on our hair, our hair usually takes a beating during the summer. Applying heat to hair with blow dryers, curling irons, or hair straighteners are most often thought of as the culprits behind our split ends, but over-washing our hair, exposure to the sun, and a lack of a regular haircut contribute as well.


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Due to busy schedules, it may be difficult to get to your hairdresser every four to six weeks as recommended. There might be a home remedy, however, for curing split ends without going to your stylist (and dropping all that cash). the next time you throw a party and have leftover flat beer, rethink throwing it in the trash. Believe it or not, beer may be the answer to our pesky split ends.

Split ends often occur from damaged, chemically treated, and “old” hair. Hair grows from our scalp, so it is obvious that the oldest hair is located at the ends. Dr. Oz’s website, Sharecare, explains that “over time, hair tends to break down, particularly at these oldest ends. This occurs most quickly and completely in chemically treated hair,” which is what might result in split ends.

In addition, according to a blog by the clothing, décor, and beauty store FreePeople, “proteins and sugar in beer bonds to your hair, helping to strengthen and mend damaged follicles.” They recommended to pour the beer “into a spray bottle and spray evenly over your hair. Rinse thoroughly and wash with a mild natural shampoo to get rid of the beer scent.” It is believed that the beer will make hair shiny, soft, and get rid of split ends. Truth in Aging, a website devoted to beauty and health, states that “in addition to B vitamins, the proteins found in malt and hops are said to repair damaged hair and boost overall body. Meanwhile, the maltose and sucrose sugars in beet tighten the hair’s cuticles for enhanced shine.” But before we go lathering our hair in beer, will it actually work to eliminate split ends?

Beer for split ends

In a video on Sharecare, Dr. Oz says “hair[…] has little shingles on it as it comes out of the scalp, once they are damaged…and once the shingles are destroyed there is nothing [holding] the hair together,” meaning once the hair splits, it is split for good. “Since damaged hair cannot be repaired, removing these split ends every three to four weeks can help with overall hair health and appearance,” Sharecare explains. This means that once you have split ends, the best thing to do is get them cut off by your hair-dresser. Sorry.

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Verdict: Fiction. Beer will not repair split ends because once hair is split, it is split for good. However, beer may help with the overall health and appearance of your hair and, therefore, may help prevent split ends from occurring. Coating the ends of your hair with beer won’t make all your split ends disappear, but it will leave your hair shiny and full of body. A few websites recommend spraying your hair with beer and leaving it on for two to three minutes. If you can get past the smell of it, the results might be worth it! Washing your hair with a shampoo after the treatment will wash away the smell, FreePeople claims. So if you are looking for a new remedy for your hair, put those leftover beers to work. Hey, you never know!

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