Nail Athleisure: How To Go From The Gym To Brunch

Working out and staying healthy is as stylish as it has ever been. With athletic fashion booming among all top tier fitness brands – from Nike to Adidas – a new phenomenon has come forefront and center: athleisure. The combination of athletic and leisurewear will take you from the gym to brunch and the video above will show you exactly how.

Besides being on trend, the benefits of athleisure are endless. Whether you are on a time crunch or want to be in your comfiest gear to run errands, this athletic look will get you through any hectic day while making sure you fit your workout in.

Niomi Smart walks you through the essentials to have in your closet to pull off this look. From key outfit pieces to accessories and even some beauty tips to complete your look. There is no doubt you will nail athleisure in no time.

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Do you have any athleisure tips you swear by?

Featured image via flickr



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