Dinner and a Movie: A Medley of Alfred Hitchcock

This week’s dinner and a movie is for the man who made the “thriller” movie what it is: Alfred Hitchcock. 60 years ago on August 1st, Alfred Hitchcock released his wildly successful, Rear Windowthat stars Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly as two love birds who catch a killer through their observations from the apartment’s rear window. Hitchcock is the mastermind behind the perfect formula behind a thriller movie, so this week, BSW is honoring him by watching a few more of our favorite Alfred Hitchcock films. Try out a few new recipes while sitting on the edge of your seats for this week’s dinner and a movie!

The Birds + Perfectly Seared Scallops (Via Baker By Nature)

The Birds for Dinner and a Movie Alfred Hitchcock.jpgvia

Anyone who saw The Birds when it originally came out in theaters will surely tell you of the fright they experienced while watching it. An eery movie about a town that is being attacked by vicious birds may not sound scary, but you can try telling that to the people who ran out of the theater thinking they were being attacked. Remember the part of the movie when Melanie very creepily rows her boat across the lake to stalk Mitch? Well this seared scallop recipe is inspired by that moment. It is better than a bird recipe…

Perfectly Seared Scallops for Dinner and a Movie Alfred Hitchcock.jpg

Notorious + Honey Chipotle Chicken Bowls (Via How Sweet It Is)

Notorious for Dinner and a Movie Alfred Hitchcock.jpgvia

Let’s consider Notorious to be Hitchcock’s spiciest film. A spy, played by the very handsome Cary Grant, travels to South America to ask a woman, the stunning Ingrid Bergman, to help him expose her Nazi friends. Let’s just say their characters have a ton of chemistry. Cook a honey chipotle chicken bowl while watching this movie. A tangy recipe for such a hot movie.

Honey Chipotle Chicken Bowls for Dinner and a Movie Alfred Hitchcock.jpg

North By Northwest + Frozen Banana Nutella Pops (Via Cupcakes and Kale Chips)

North by Northwest for Dinner and a Movie Alfred Hitchcock.jpgvia

A fun movie calls for a fun snack. Our last Alfred Hitchcock pick for this week’s dinner and a movie is North By Northwest. In this Hitchcock classic, an innocent ad executive finds himself on the run from international agents who mistake him for someone else. This upbeat film will take you and Cary Grant across America in just two hours, so enjoy a frozen Nutella banana pop from approximately 15 mins of that time. Or enjoy a few…

Banana Nutella Frozen yogurt Pops for Dinner and a Movie Alfred Hitchcock.jpg

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What’s your favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie?



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