5 Tips for Friday Night Fun That Doesn’t Involve Alcohol (& All The Calories That Come With It)

Every once in a while, it is always nice to take a break from the bar scene on a Friday night and have some sober fun with friends. And, while you may think that I’m crazy for saying “sober fun”, I am totally serious. Your body has been worked so hard during the week, that instead of rewarding your liver with alcohol, you should reward yourself with some relaxing fun with friends or even some well deserved alone time.

Netflix Breaking Bad Binge Night

breaking bad(Image Via Tumblr)

Undoubtedly the best show on Netflix (or Universe), take a night and watch an entire season. Even if you have already finished the series, you should get started on that microwave (butter-free) popcorn and get to it! The show will reinforce how lucky you are that you’re not related to Walter White and you’ll remember just how much you loved this show in the first place.

Lazer Tag

Yup, you heard that correctly. Grab some friends, and go to the closest Lazer Tag arena and have fun running around in the dark while shooting at your friends. You’ll walk out feeling totally pumped and energized. You forget that Lazer Tag exists after you turn 15 I’m sure, but hey, we didn’t forget about it. It will remind you of the good ol’ times!

Read a New Book

Book Reading Friday Night(Image Via Tumblr)

Most of us these days have nooks or kindles and it takes less than a minute to buy a book. Throw on some sweats, light a fire in the fireplace, and read a new book. You can totally justzone out. Forget where you are or what your plans are for tomorrow and just fully immerse yourself in the story. It’s a great way to detox from the week.

Go Out for a Fancy Dinner with Friends

Send out a mass text to your group of amigos, make a reservation at the creme of the crop restaurant around you and tell them to look their best. This way, you get dressed and ready like you’re going out, but instead of getting drunk, you’ll have a fun night with your friends while eating delicious food.

Take an Art Class

art class friday night fun(Image via Thinkstock)

Explore the inner artist in you and attend an art class that is totally out of your comfort zone. While you may not be the most artistic in the class, the teacher will totally love the effort you’ve put in. You’ll feel refreshed and artsy. Who doesn’t want to feel artsy? You could even make it a surprise party. Tell your friends you’ll be picking them up in 10, don’t tell them where they’re going, and even if they hate you when they realize you’ve brought them to an art class, I’m sure you could laugh your way through it together.


What are your plans for Friday night?

Here are some more great ideas for a fun-filled weekend!




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