5 Reasons You Need To Start Taking Zinc Daily

zinc benefits

When it comes to daily supplements, you can say I’m a bit “forgetful”. I prefer to take the approach of eating whole, nutritious foods and occasionally popping a Vitamin C or a multivitamin. However, there’s one supplement I’ve been taking daily without fail – and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. What is that? Zinc, of course.

For those not totally caught up on all the benefits of specific vitamins and minerals, zinc may seem like a bit of a random one to talk about, but I can’t stress how much of a difference it has made in my health – and complexion!

Those who are most likely deficient in the mineral are vegetarians and vegans, too, because they don’t eat the foods that contain the highest amounts of zinc – like seafood, meat and dairy. That’s why it’s always necessary to examine your diet first before deciding whether or not you need to take certain supplements.

Take a look at a few of the most notable zinc benefits you probably didn’t even know about!

Clear Complexion

While I wouldn’t say my skin is terrible I certainly suffer from breakouts on occasion and it bothers me to no end. Having had totally clear skin throughout my teens and college years, it was pretty unfathomable that I would start developing breakouts in my twenties. However, along with my breakouts I was getting sick all the time. I couldn’t understand what was going on until a coworker told me I should start taking zinc. One of the first things I noticed was that – almost miraculously – my breakouts diminished substantially.

This is because zinc has the potential to kill acne-causing bacteria, is a known powerful antioxidant and is also a DHT blocker – meaning that it helps regulate the hormones that may affect sebum production.

Immune Health

`I was a huge fan of taking Zicam and thought it really was a magical remedy until I realized that it was really just zinc. Zinc provides great support for your immune system because it promotes an increase in T cell function which fights viruses, bacteria and even inflammation.

Increased Athletic Performance & Energy

Zinc allows the body to produce testosterone at an even higher rate which means more efficient muscle development, increased workout performance and recovery as well. In addition, if you have a zinc deficiency, you are more likely to have lower energy levels, experience fatigue and suffer from overall sluggish-ness.

Improved Reproductive Health

Because of zinc’s abilities to regulate hormones, this mineral is great to keep reproductive health in check for both men and women. Because it regulates testosterone levels it aids in both male hormone balance and female hormone balance. Oftentimes, female suffer from high estrogen levels meaning breakouts, poor reproductive health and even breast cancer.

Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Zinc is an antioxidant which means it’s directly correlated to good heart health. It plays a huge role in the health of cardiovascular cells and the endothelium – the thin later of cells that line blood vessels – promoting circulation and prevent cholesterol buildup and inflammation, as mentioned earlier.

Whether it’s to clear up your complexion or to give your immune system a boost during cold & flu season, you should definitely be making sure you are getting sufficient amounts of zinc daily.

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Were you aware of these zinc benefits?


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