Wellness Wire: Recovering From A Halloween Binge

Halloween Candies

The season of indulging is upon us, which means that covering up in sweaters and boots make us think it’s a little more acceptable to go for that second handful of candy corn or Halloween treat. But after the season is over you’re left feeling guilty, and swearing to fulfill the same New Year’s resolution you’ve had for the past two years.

Try to avoid the feeling of guilt by not bingeing in the first place. Try to replace all the sugary candy you may be tempted to eat with sugar-free candy instead. Or, make healthy dips, like sugar free caramel and apples, to satisfy your sweet tooth without the extra pounds. Your body will thank you. 

First, it’s a holiday! Don’t let yourself feel guilty for a minor indulgence. But during your festivities, keep it simple. Allow yourself a sweet treat, but not five… or ten. Make it a cheat meal or snack, not a cheat day. This is the first step in ensuring a guilt-free holiday season. One candy bar has over 50 grams of sugar, and within a day that sugar turns into fat. You don’t need to put on extra pounds from one night of temptation. 

If you are one of those that ate their weight in candy, or were over-served of spiked apple cider, then don’t fear. Eliminate the problem by giving away any excess food or candy you have. If your temptations are gone from your home, then you won’t be able to access them. Don’t feel guilty for overindulging, just be sure to monitor the other holidays, and recover accordingly.

Drink water! Whether you have a Halloween hangover, or just feel bloated, chug water to get all the toxins out of your system. 

Participate in a fall activity, be it apple picking or visiting a pumpkin patch. Even if this is after Halloween, this is still a festive fall activity that will burn those extra calories and get you some fresh air. Grab your significant other, your friends and head out to enjoy a crisp fall day.

All those empty calories we may have consumed the night before drain the nutrients from our body. Upon rising, eat some sort of protein. This soaks up the alcohol and stabilizes mood, while providing our bodies with the essential amino acids in needs to recover.

Bottom line: Try not to binge on Halloween; after all, it is a holiday. If you do, make sure you provide your body with the right nutrients to recover.


  1. Happy to report that I do not have ANY candy in my house. Even if I did though, I wouldn’t be tempted by it. I have tons of food allergies, so the last thing I want is to have a reaction. PLUS candy is just so unhealthy. I’d much rather fill up on some nutrient dense foods like salmon, squashes, or chicken! 🙂

  2. I think a little indulgence, even a little “overdoing it” is ok-maybe even a good thing-if it is only once in a while. I jut try to stick to keeping active and indulging in just what I love and crave.


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