Wellness Wire: How to Cope after a Tragedy like the Oklahoma Tornado

5 Healthy Ways to Cope with a Tragedy

Even if you weren’t personally affected by the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornado, as the horrific images continue to image a natural disaster like this one feels like a shared loss. Often times it is hard to wrap our heads around the loss of life especially in an event that seems so out of our control.

As a nation full of doers and action-takers, volunteers and the like are helping make Moore, Oklahoma whole again, but the mental scaring can take longer to heal. There is definitely a psychological toll that impacts us post-disaster or after a tragedy in your personal life.

Use these healthy coping mechanisms to help you through Oklahoma Tornado PTSD or other tragic events in your life:

1. Make Room in your Life for Healing

Take note of what support you really need to deal with your situation so that you can use the tragedy as a catalyst for positive change in your life even when it seems impossible. Talk openly about what you need or you may not receive it.

2. Attempt to Gain a Sense of Control

Implement organizational strategies and set goals for yourself. These patterns will help you feel like you are in charge.

3. Exercise Often

Exercise can quickly get you to a happy place and help you combat some emotions that you are dealing with. Engage in running, swimming, yoga, pilates, spinning or another physical activity that will get your mind off of the jumbled mess in your head.

4. Create a Self-Care Kit

Soothe yourself during a challenging time by turning to positive moments or special memories. Journal about them or talk about them to others. Or, take a few moments to yourself by engaging in a hobby or activity that you enjoy. This habit will make all the difference in the world when you are feeling down.

5. Practice your Coping Skills

As it goes with most things, practice makes perfect. After a devastating life event you may feel like you can never get back on track, but with time and attention you will learn which healthy coping mechanisms work for you. Don’t expect results overnight, but do expect them in time.

Do you have any tips to heal through a difficult time? Share them below.

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