Wellness Wire: 3 Ways to Help Post-Oklahoma Tornado Disaster

Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts - How You Can Help

A monster size tornado ripped through Oklahoma City on Monday leaving not much more than debris. During the 40 terrifying minutes of destruction homes were flattened, cars were tossed and, unfortunately, 24 fatalities were recovered from the wreckage thus far. Survivors stated that they walked outside to what appeared to be the apocalypse. Looking at the photographs of the devastation is heart-wrenching.

In times like these, whether near or far, the best thing you can do is help residents of the devastation through a relief organization that is working in the area. Thanks to the hospitals and volunteers that are hard at work the death toll count was sharply reduced. Here are some ways you can get involved no matter where you are:

1. American Red Cross

The Red Cross has set up shelters in the community and you can donate to the disaster relief fund here. You can do an instant $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. If donating financially is not feasible you can also give blood at your hospital or local blood bank.

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2. Feeding America

After a disaster, food and water supplies are of the utmost importance. Feeding America will be delivering truckloads of food, water and supplies to the Oklahoma communities and will be setting up food distribution sites as needed. You can donate online here.

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3. Salvation Army

The Salvation is organizing several disaster response units where they are sending mobile kitchens. The kitchens can serve meals to over 2,500 people a day. You can support and donate to the cause via cellphone by texting STORM to 80888 or by visiting their website.

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We hope all of your family is safe during this time. If you have any additional suggestions on how to help please leave them in the comment section below.



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