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Lately we have been trying to peruse the NYC fitness scene. The amount of offbeat, butt-kicking hot spots is quite literally unlimited and we didn’t feel like we were taking full advantage. In part because our gym pass access is too convenient and we love Central Park way too much. But we recently signed up for the Classtivity Passport so we could embrace our word of the year: Explore. More to come on our FULL Classtivity experience later, but with our passport in tow we have been checking into some of the best fitness studios NYC has to offer. And we are sore…so happily sore.

Last week we made it to Uplift—a ladies only fitness clubhouse that brings the fitness and social scene together. Get this: when you walk in you are greeted with a general gym feel (just more compact and adorable) and a BAR. Yes, a communal bar that serves you wine and snacks post-workout. When we are done with our same ‘ol gym time, we are desperate to get out of there. But at Uplift, the gym feels cool and a place you want to linger around for a while even if that means potentially doing more lunges.

Uplift Studio

The two-room studio found in the Flatiron has ceiling to floor windows in the “main section” of the gym and a small fitness class room that is big enough to host up to 10 fitness-ready women. The classes are purposely left small so you can get the attention you deserve when breaking a sweat.

Having been away from the boot camp style classes for some time, we were worried about our lung power but with a little consoling and motivational pep talk from the lovely Uplift crew, we made it through our Uplift-Strength class. It worked us head-to-toe by exercising our muscles in sections mixed with active recovery in between strength sessions. We have some work to do on our jumping jack burpees, like, a lot of work, but we survived. High praise to our instructor Chelsea.

We opted for the strength class, but Uplift gives you two options: strength or cardio. We like their refined technique. Keep it simple and sweaty. You can also do personal training or go at your own pace in their gym that is open to members whenever you want—towels and H2O provided. Plus, they have Wine & Workout and Brunch & Boot Camp sessions if you really want to mix things up. Basically what we are saying is…see ya there!

It truly is girl’s night out the healthy way. There is no more Friday night dilemma if you make your way to Uplift. Working out and having a social life are both components of a happy lifestyle. Uplift strikes a much needed balance to the fitness scene.

Have you ever been to Uplift? Tell us how you feel about mixing wine and workouts together below!

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