Wellness Around the World: A Midsummer Night’s FitDrinks


Last Thursday evening my fellow intern Carlie (from Healthy Way to Cook) I had the pleasure of attending A Midsummer Night’s FitDrinks, an event hosted by Body Local in partnership with Reboot and other sponsors. The event showcased a number of local vendors of healthy food and wellness products and took place at the beautiful Mercedes Club, a luxury fitness center on West 54th Street in Manhattan.

Inside the club there was a wellness pavilion run by EmblemHealth that featured complimentary massage, reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic, and other wellness treatments.

But it was the gorgeous outdoor rooftop space of the that really won us over. The centerpiece of the rooftop was the Zipcar Marketplace, where local brands were able to showcase and sample their goods and wares. Carlie and I walked around the plaza learning about and sampling as many goodies as we could! Here were some of our favorites from the marketplace:

1. Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit

Chloe’s prides themselves on the fact that their frozen delights are made with only 3 ingredients: fruit, water, and organic cane sugar. This fact was almost unbelievable given how tasty their mango pops were. I’m looking forward to trying their signature soft-serve fruit at their Union Square location!

Chloe's 2

2. Kopali Chocolates

I had to control myself and forcibly walk away from this booth after trying a few of their chocolate covered banana treats. I was informed, however, that Kopali chocolates are not as bad for you as their deliciousness may have you believing. They’re made with organic, fair-trade cocoa, are vegan and gluten-free, and the centers are made of real organic dried bananas!


3. Sherry’s Shortcakes

Sherry’s chocolate peanut butter bite-sized shortcake was incredibly delicious…and completely vegan! I could hardly believe it contained no eggs, cream, or butter, but was delightfully surprised.


4. Veev

Veev is a liquor made from açaí berries, an antioxidant-filled Amazonian superfruit. Veev is also an environmentally sustainable company (the first of its kind to be carbon neutral) that donates 1% of its profits to rainforest preservation efforts. As if all of that wasn’t enough, Veev is organic, and has only 60 calories per serving.


5. Reverence Apparel 

These hand-screened tanks and tees come in vibrant colors and are adorned with motivational mantra like “Commit to be Fit,” “R.I.P. Fat,” and “You vs. You.” They’re also printed with eco-friendly ink on super soft and comfy fabric – a perfect combo for great gym wear!



What do you think of these products from FitDrinks? 


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