WellBitten Wellness Tip: Have a Clear New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Take a deep breath…you made it. Now you have 365 days to let 2013 pave your healthy path. We are excited about all of the BSW changes to come and hope you will stay along for the ride. Wishing everyone the best. And, of course, here is a WellBitten tip to start your New Year off on a healthy foot:

WellBitten Wellness Tip: Have a Clear New Year

We just wrapped up 2012…take a look at the best of BSW from LAST year.

Do you have a New Year’s Day ritual? What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

photo credit: Jeffrey Beall via photopin cc


  1. #1 New Years Day Ritual = Eat a SPOONFUL of Black-Eyed Peas!!! It’s been a tradition in my family ever since I was born. Black-eyed peas symbolize GOOD LUCK for the whole year! Hope you’re headed to the store now to get some 😉


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