Unwind with these 5 Bizarre Ways to Beat Stress

If you’ve tried the classic de-stressors like gulping green tea, taking a hot bath until you qualify as a prune or attempting deep breathing (but still feeling out of breath), you may need to alter the way you attack your stress culprits.

No more pencil chewing. Try these unconventional methods to help bring calm into your lifestyle.

  1. Iron Away your Anxiety: Feeling frazzled? Iron it out. Rhythmic, repetitive actions like petting your dog or ironing your clothes helps trigger your relaxation response. The act of focusing on one activity can help quiet the mind and help reduce stress. Pull out that ironing board to get yourself in a Zen state (and check something off your to-do list at the same time).
  2. Laugh it Off: Make sure your most hilarious friend is on speed dial. A good laugh is known to boost your mood and can be therapeutic. If your funny friend doesn’t answer your call, don’t sweat it. Watch your favorite comedy or read a joke blog. Mom always said laughter is the best medicine and it once again proves to be true.
  3. Let Out a Loud Scream: Before you go punching holes into walls try shouting out your frustration to tame your tension. A good scream can let out pent-up stress because it releases your endorphins and allows for all-natural stress relief. Keep a pillow nearby or head to your car if screaming in your office causes strange looks.
  4. Massage your Ears: We can’t all run to the spa when stress trickles in, but you can massage your ears from anywhere, any time. Acupressure on the ear allows you to gently massage pressure points that can relax muscles in your face and body and change your mood. Start by rubbing your earlobes between your thumb and index finger. Work your way up the outer edges of your ear and then end by massaging behind your ears on the bony part of your skull. A few minute rub down that can keep you composed and collected in moments of stress  can be a mid-day lifesaver.
  5. Schedule Stress Time: If your worry is bound to creep up on you allow yourself to let it all out during your allotted stress time. When something stressful happens throughout the day hold off on being anxiety-ridden until your set time every day where you give yourself the liberty to go through your stress checklist. When Stress Time comes around you may feel like your earlier trigger is less nerve-racking than you originally thought. Or, you may pace back and forth while biting your nails and running through the day’s stressors. Either way it is kind of like time out for your stressful thoughts. Get in the corner and then get on with your day.
Do you have any unique ways to get through stressful situations? Share your techniques here!


  1. I do some conventional stress management strategies, like yoga and going to the spa, but also some unusal ones, like landscaping my yard. Today, I felt more relaxed at work by listening to music in my office. These days I feel like the more techniques I use, the better! Enjoyed the post.

    • Stress management can definitely change from day to day depending on your surroundings…You are right! The more techniques we have the better we can manage stressful situations as they arise. Thanks for your insight!


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