Thursday Thoughts: Paint Class Health Perks

5 Reasons You Should Take an Art Class

In an ode to our explorer mentality we decided to sign up for a paint class. Mind you we have ZERO artistic ability and knew we were likely getting in over our head, but we signed up anyway—canvas in tow.

Upon completion of our class at the Art Studio NY, we knew we had to share the healthy benefits of our Picasso experience. Not only did we surprise ourselves with our end creation, it was a memorable, let-it-loose time that gave us a new appreciation for the art world.

Here are 5 reasons we encourage you to discover your inner artist:

1. Personal Time: Carving out time for your hobbies even in hectic times is so important. Just a few hours of focusing on Y.O.U. will put you in a better mood and get you in a relaxed state of mind.

2. Creativity Blast: Creativity is often sacrificed in a world that is dominated by computers, TV and video games as our sole leisure activities. In our painting class creativity was the full focus and we loved it because we had, to some extent, forgotten what that feels like.

3. Sense of Accomplishment: There is something about taking home our wall-worthy painting that brought us a sense of pride that completing a task at work doesn’t quite get at. The perk of an art class is that everyone still leaves with a creation regardless of the outcome of the project. There is no boss except for you!

4. Unplug from the Tech World: Raise your hand if you are guilty of checking your emails, Instagram feeds, text messages and so on constantly. We are definitely in the guilty party. When you are with your canvas and your brush you are required to get away from the tech chatter for a few hours. This, of course, is a good thing.

5. Therapeutic Expression: Sometimes expressing yourself through words is impossible. You can verbalize your inner thoughts (good or bad) by sharing them in an artistic matter. Even if your work of art doesn’t make it onto the fridge you will still feel better just letting those feeling flow.

Are you an artistic person?  What benefits have you seen from your creative expression? 

photo credit: Colourless Rainbow via photopin cc


  1. Up until my sophomore year in college I had dreams of double majoring in fine art and acting. Then I realized that both required loads of studio time and ended up dropping art but I used to never be without a sketchbook. I do think drawing is incredibly therapeutic though. It’s sad so many schools are having to drop art class, because it is a really important part of learning and if anything gives kids a break to recharge. That was sort of a tangent, sorry. Anyway, yes, art is important!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with everything you shared! Art is a “must” for everyone, especially in the fast-paced, overly demanding world that we live in. I am thrilled that you enjoyed your painting experience at The Art Studio NY. I look forward to welcoming you back anytime you need Y.O.U time. Consider The Art Studio NY your urban oasis for art and soul.
    Creatively Yours,
    Rebecca Schweiger


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