Thirsty Thursday: Celebrate Woman History Month With These Powerful Cocktails

When you ask someone what the typical alcoholic drink for a woman is, they will probably answer with something like “a glass of wine,” or, “something pink and fruity.”  Sure, wine is like my life force and fruity frozen drinks are almost always amazing, but I’m sure a lot of women have a problem with this.  I love a Cosmo as much as the next girl (maybe more), but my real drink of choice? Whiskey.  Us women may be pretty and more delicate than our testosterone fueled counterparts, but we can drink too.  And real drinks at that (not just vodka cranberries).

Woman History Month is all about empowerment and celebrating the accomplishments of the many amazing women throughout history, but you should be celebrating yourself and all that you’ve accomplished, too.  Whether you are proud of your career as a high powered business woman or a full-time mom, I’m sure you deserve a drink that is slightly more potent than a wine cooler.

1. Penicillin Cocktail (via Serious Eats)

Penicillin Cocktail

 Let’s be honest here – women usually have to take care of everything and everyone, but what is our penicillin? Usually, it’s booze. This is a simple whiskey/scotch cocktail flavored with honey and lemon, so it is perfect to cheer you up and help you get to sleep on a rough night.

2. Wanderlust (via Death to Sour Mix)

Wanderlust Cocktail

Wanderlust definitely seems to be an appropriate title for a Woman’s History Month cocktail. Sometimes you have to give up traveling when life gets in the way, but we’re here to spark that desire back up again. Also: Gin, orange juice and St. Germain are involved… that sounds like a winning combo.

3. Mary Pickford Cocktail (via Stir and Strain)

Mary Pickford Cocktail

Even if fruity drinks have the stigma of being weak and girly, they are still freakin’ delicious.  Here is a fruity drink named after the first actress to win the Best Actress Oscar for a film that involved speaking.  Fruity drinks and feminism. Plus, fruit is good for you, right?

4. The Green Orchard (via Drink Straight Up)

The Green Orchard

Fruity Martinis, like the appletini, also tend to get written off as weak girly drinks, but this sophisticated spin on the appletini is definitely not weak, and has some sophisticated flavors blended in like grapes and tarragon.

5. PBR in Paradise (via Rated R Cocktails)

PBR Cocktail

The reason men drink more beer than women is probably  because it tastes icky, and we are smarter than that. However, sometimes there is nothing that beats a cold beer, especially if it is mixed with lemon and absinthe.  PBR definitely needs some add-ins before it becomes drinkable. Perhaps, beer needs a makeover in general.

6. Blackberry Irish Whiskey Sour (via Fogged In Lounge)

Blackberry Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sours are delicious, but also a boring old granny drink.  Women are strong, not boring! Quick fix? Add some fruit flavoring like blackberry brandy.

7. The Chocolate Rye (via Stir and Strain)

Chocolate Rye Cocktail

The Appletini’s cousin has arrived… the Chocotini.  Too sweet, chocolatey, and not enough booze? No such thing. This cocktail definitely elevates the original. The cocoa nibs infused in the rye give you a very complex and delicious cocktail.

8. Frozen Raspberry Pomegranate Cocktail (via What Katie Ate)

Pomegranate Raspberry Cocktail

The rules of feminism dictate that we should be whatever the hell we want, right?  So if you want a pink fruity cocktail, then have one.  Just make sure its a good one.

What is your favorite “girly” drink?

For more boozy cocktail inspiration, find more Thirsty Thursday recipes here.



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