Thirsty Thursday: 6 Frozen Drinks to Beat the Freeze

After last week’s display of frigid cold attitude from Mother Nature, we’re giving it right back this Thirsty Thursday with a little frozen drink action. When we  think of a frozen cocktail, it is typically in the sun on the beach of a tropical island. A sexy, bronzed man/woman is handing us the drink, fully garnished with an umbrella in a hurricane glass. Unfortunately, we have to snap back to reality, since winter will surely be sticking around for a while longer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream this thirsty thursday…

We’re here to make dreams somewhat of a reality with 6 fantastic frozen drinks recipes in honor of the frosty winter we have been enduring. You may have to wear gloves while you sip on them, but as soon as you finish your first one, you’ll be ready to get in a bikini and lay on that tropical dream beach. P.S. by the looks of these recipes, you are going to want to stock up on your rum for this Thursday.

Lava Flow (Chef Tom Cooks)

Lava Flow for Thirsty Thursday Frozen Drinks

What isn’t there to love about a fruity cocktail? This recipe mixes up strawberry, pineapple, and banana twist so that there  is no mistaking that you are in the topics (even if you are watching snowfall out of your window).

Watermelon Lime Frosty (My Life in Food)

Watermelon Lime Frosty for Thirsty Thursday Frozen Drinks

It wouldn’t be a fake summer in your living room without a little watermelon now would it? Try this drink with its not so secretive special ingredient, (maple syrup), for a sweet way to end your thirsty Thursday.

Campfire Colada (Spiced)

Campfire Colada for Thirsty Thursday Frozen Drinks

Just another drink with an interesting ingredient. The campfire colada combines pineapple, rum, and espresso, which may just be the drink to keep you up all night!

Beach Towel (Saveur)

Beach Towel Cocktail for Thirsty Thursday Frozen

This recipe produces a drink so thick, it is practically a dessert. Enjoy a decadent after meal, while also enjoying its cocktail effects.

Irish Banana Cocktail (HGTV)

Irish Banana Cocktail for Thirsty Thursday Frozen Drinksdq

When we think of Irish, the next word that comes to mind in the world of alcohol is coffee. Well this Irish Banana  frothy cocktail is quite the opposite as it will cool you down instead of warm you up.

French Margarita (Cooking Channel)

french margarita for thirsty thursday frozen drinks

We aren’t so sure what is French about this recipe, but you can’t have a list of frozen drinks without adding margaritas to the menu. Don’t be fooled by the sugary taste, these little devils may just be the reason you miss work on Friday morning.

Will you beat the freeze by drinking a frozen drink?