Tara Stiles: Yoga Hacks For Poses That Are Wack

Even the most zen yogi has one hard yoga pose that can totally throw them off their balance. I’m talking about those poses that seem completely impossible (“how am I supposed to do a split in the air while I’m on my elbows?!”), so you hardly even try to attempt them. But if you really want to deepen your practice, you need to overcome your fear of certain poses, and we know who can help.

In the video above, yogi star Tara Stiles is showing us a few yoga hacks for poses that are, well, wack.

Stiles starts with crow pose, which for many can be difficult. One of her tips to help make crow simpler is to look straight forward or “into the future.”

The other pose she helps us conquer is forearm stand. Now, this pose can be super intense as it requires a lot of balance. To make things easier, Stiles says it’s important to make sure you have a good hand placement and grip. She also emphasizes the need to be relaxed and easygoing when you roll your hips up to the proper position.

If there’s another pose that has you tangled, Stiles says to focus on the process of getting there rather than the end result. This will help you really think about your body and how it can, when relaxed and focused, work for you.

Watch the video above to learn more!

Did Tara Stiles help with your difficult pose?