WATCH: Tara Stiles’ Yoga For Digestion

It’s not a pretty topic to talk about, but digestion problems happen to all of us, at anytime. If you’re in need of some relief, yogi Tara Stiles has some great yoga poses for digestion.

In the video above, you will see Stiles show you her sequence of yoga for digestion. It involves a lot of twisting poses, which not only improve your blood flow, but also help breakup toxins within the body.

Stiles start off in chair pose, then moves on to a twist, lunge, and another twist. After you do this, you should be feel good in more than one spot of your body! These poses also help with back pain.

After you complete the sequence, Stiles recommends drinking a tall glass of water, and incorporating prebiotics and probiotics into your health routine.

Before you start, definitely speak to your doctor about which ones will work best for you and your needs.

You can take a pill, or you can eat leafy greens like kale and spinach, which act as prebiotics. You can have yogurt and sour pickles as probiotics. And who doesn’t love sour pickles?

Watch the video above to see the full sequence.

Do you know of good yoga for digestion?