Take out the Trash with a Kitchen Detox

Just like we need a good clean out every now and then your kitchen is no different. Give your kitchen a much needed scrub down that will rejuvenate and refresh the heart of your home. Detoxifying your kitchen is a sure way to get your kitchen (and your body!) feeling clean.

  • Tackle the Big, Cold Box: Your fridge is not a storage closet although, at times, it can sure seem like it. Throw away expired food (check ketchup, mustard, dressing or other less frequently used items), rotten produce and leftovers that have seen their days. And, while you are at it, toss the high calorie snacks that have made a home on your shelves. Finish by cleaning all of the surfaces with warm water and soap—this means pull out the drawers and really get at the nooks and crannies you have ignored for months.
  • Scour Under the Sink: This is the standard location for all your cleaning products. Give the space an overhaul by removing empty bottles, consolidating partially used product into one container and replacing some harsh cleaners with natural soaps and detergents. Even shelves that stock cleaning product can get dirty so be sure to disinfect the area by giving it a good wipe down!
  • Pantry Purge: When it comes to cleaning, the pantry is often neglected. When cleaning shelf by shelf think “if you don’t use it, toss it!” This includes old items that you’ve been holding on to, expired product, spices that are older than 1 year, cereal boxes that are practically empty and so on. Put all of your unopened, processed foods into a bag to donate to a local shelter. Ditch the high calorie snacks you gravitate towards when binging. Once your shelves are clear, give them a good wipe down and set a plan for organizing your pantry to keep the clutter from coming back.
  • Restock with the Good Stuff: Now that you have removed the grime and unhealthy product from your kitchen, don’t go back to your old ways. Replenish your cupboards and refrigerator shelves with nutritious fruits and vegetables and steer clear of the processed junk food of your past.

Aren’t you feeling lighter already? The next step is a detox for your body!

What are your thoughts on doing a kitchen detox? 


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