Summer’s Best: Yellow Watermelon

Nothing says summer more than a summer fro, alfresco dining, ice coffee, flip flops, bright summer clothes and copious amounts of watermelon. Did I leave anything off the list?

When I discovered that a beloved summer fruit had a watermelon partner in crime that just so happened to be my favorite color…I just about freaked. YELLOW watermelon, who knew? Apparently I have been left out of all of the BBQ’s that served the canary fruit by the slice.

Watermelon is a refreshing summer snack that I can’t get enough of. The fat-free fruit is bursting with vitamins, fiber and antioxidants that make it totally worth the sticky hands that come along with eating it. Some say that the taste of yellow watermelon is a bit sweeter than the regular pink flesh version but I find that it is virtually the same. Although something about the bright hue makes me want to wear all of my yellow clothing and accessories at once and simultaneously eat a piece of yellow watermelon. I see me as a walking, talking ad for yellow watermelon already. Don’t you? If there are any watermelon advertisers out there…call me!

So where can you find these yellow-fleshed beauties? Your farmer’s market or high-end grocer is probably swimming in them right now. Your watermelon buying skills will come in handy because picking a yellow watermelon is basically the same as picking a pink one. The skin should feel firm and solid with bright green skin and blotchy stripes.  Your water-baby should smell fresh and when you tap lightly on the outside you should hear a crisp sound. See, you are a yellow watermelon pro already and you didn’t even know it.

While I will say that great summer fruits like yellow watermelon are delightfully delicious devoured just the way they are, a fruit so pretty is begging to be showed off. It doesn’t bring all those bright and cheery looks to the market for nothing. Here are some recipes to try where yellow watermelon is the star:

The yellow watermelon can be used many different ways but its perfect pair-up: basil. The two make a delightful duo! 

As you know the Weekly Bite is on a food pairing mission and your taste buds MATTER too.

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What would you make with yellow watermelon? What defines summer for you? Let’s chat!

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