Stay Awake at Work through the Afternoon Funk

You charge into the day full of energy with intentions to tackle your to-do list and escape the office on time. Then, the too familiar afternoon phenomenon that causes you to yawn and switch to minimal brain power kicks in. Before you plot how to take a nap under your desk without anyone noticing find a way to combat your energy dip and learn tips on how to prevent the afternoon lull.

Anti-Fatigue Prevention

Often, you can prevent afternoon exhaustion before it starts.

  • For lasting energy during the day, get a good night sleep.  According to the National Sleep Foundation we need 7 to 9 hours of shut eye, but we rarely achieve this. Combat lethargy during the day by making your sleep schedule a priority. To start, try heading to bed 15 minutes earlier and increase your time dreaming from there.
  • Fight lethargy by eating light and including fatigue fighting foods in your diet. A good-quality breakfast will reduce feelings of sluggishness and skipping the heavy lunch will help you avoid low energy come 2:00 o’clock. Indulge in foods like fruit, yogurt, whole grains and lean protein.
  • Synch your tasks up with your energy level by tackling the demanding projects or important meetings when your energy is high. When you begin feeling tired and drained take a few minutes to focus on your tasks and prioritize your to-do list. Be realistic about what you can complete before the day’s end. This will motivate you to make the end of your work day as motivated as the beginning.

Overcome the Afternoon Slump

When you do fall victim to the mid-day energy zapper there are ways to make it through the day nap-free.

  • Go on a brisk walk to rev up your energy. Can’t get out of the office? Try opening a window or turning on the air conditioning. The cool air can help you stay more alert when the sluggishness is setting in. If you don’t have access to a window, purchase a small desk fan.
  • Befriend the office clown and laugh a little. This revitalizing act will get you perked up in no time. If your funny co-worker is unavailable you can always find an entertaining YouTube clip or call a friend that is sure to make you smile.
  • Stay alert with some desk-bound yoga that will clear your mind and keep you focused on completing the day. A favorite: the restorative pose where you cross your arms in front of you, lay them on your desk and rest your head for on your crossed arms for a few breaths.

When you hit the afternoon slump what do you do to power through?

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