Spread the Wellness: Kymberly from Fun and Fit

Spread the Wellness - Meet Kymberly from Fun and Fit

We promised a part 2 from the Fun and Fit ladies. Like we said, there is double the fitness fun on the Fun and Fit site that is run by twins Kymberly and Alexandra.

The award-winning fitness professionals and radio emcees are full to the brim with wellness tips. And, even better, they are people you actually want to be friends with because they can make you laugh while teaching you a thing or two about health.

So why do you want to get to know more about twin 2? In her over 30 years of experience, Kymberly has taught fitness on 4 continents in 4 languages to over 20,000 live participants. You can say that she has learned a thing or two from that experience, don’t you think?

Here are 8 fun facts straight from Kymberly’s oh-so-hilarious mouth:

    1. In 30 years of teaching group exercise, I have fallen off the stage twice. One of those times I was 9 months pregnant.
    2. When shooting a live TV show about pool exercise I once twisted out of my cross-tied, one piece bathing suit when showing a move from the deck. Ratings did not go up. My bodacious ta-tas sure did though.
    3. I almost got a speeding ticket for choreographing a routine while driving. As the beats and moves got faster, so did my gas pedal foot. Confessing this to the cop made him laugh and put away his ticket book. Honesty pays!
    4. If I teach a class before 8:30 am I cannot sleep well the night prior as I worry about missing the wake-up time.
    5. I truly LOVE the people who come to my classes. Except that one lady.
    6. If I take a class and the teacher is off the 8 or 32 count, it drives me bonkers.
    7. The first time I ever heard of “aerobics” was in 1978, when a friend asked whether I’d like to join her in this “dance type class where you move the whole hour without stopping and get really breathless, but it helps you lose weight.” I looked at her like she was crazeee and asked “why the heck would I want to do that?”
    8. I love disco music and disco moves. Yes, I could happily work out to disco tunes and Turn The Beat Around through the Last Dance cuz I’m Staying Alive.

Get over to Fun and Fit so you can get more fun loving tips about getting fit all the live long day. You’ll fall in love just like we did!

If you have any questions for Kymberly leave them in the comment section below. You can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook too!

Thanks for sharing your fitness-y facts with us Kymberly!

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  1. Funny stories! I’m glad the fall off stage during pregnancy turned out ok! Although I take it since you are talking about it light- heartedly it was:)

  2. Ellen – you are tooooo sweet. Yes, both I and my daughter were fine. She is now 20 and 6 feet tall so the lunge over the ledge did not stunt her growth. Gigi – I am eating up your keen sense of humor. And isn’t there always “that” person? THey do not outweigh the awesome people though!

  3. These ladies do not disappoint in humor or life or just being the wonderful people they are!! THIS WAS HILARIOUS! I could not stop laughing at the ta-tas!!! OH HECK, the whole thing!!!! Love these ladies!


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