Rockout Workout: Be a Groupie with Pound

Free weights are out. Breaking a sweat to weighted drumsticks is the newest fitness craze.

Created by music and fitness enthusiasts Cristina Peerenboom and Kristen Potenza, the LA based Pound workout is a fusion of cardio and Pilates in a boot camp-esque setting where you break a sweat by fulfilling your dreams of being a rock star. Members of the class use weighted drumsticks (or “RipStix”) that provide resistance during a series of familiar poses like squatting, lunging and twisting all while drumming along to a carefully crafted, fast-paced soundtrack. The music gets you moving through a sequence of dynamic standing and floor moves while you strike the ground, allowing yourself to hear and see your body in motion. It is said that during an hour long jam session you can rock off up to 900 calories through non-stop movement that targets the upper and lower body, back, core and arms.

Not musically inclined? No problem. Pound lets you drum your way from the simplest beats to the more advanced while you gain a strong sense of rhythm that will have you banging away like a pro.

Move over Zumba, Pound is the newest sweat blaster to a tapping, toned body.

Did we mention head banging is allowed?

Pound is making its way to a gym near you soon!

What are your thoughts on this new form of exercise? Have you had a chance to try a class?

Photo courtesy of Dvortygirl via Flickr (CC BY-SA 3.0)


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