Play Fantasy Football for a Healthy Relationship

Its pigskin season which means every Sunday it’s game time. And for some, every Wednesday night it is time to update your fantasy football roster.

If you feel the effects of your significant other constantly checking his team, making trades, reading the ESPN news wire and, therefore, leaving less time for you, I say quit the nagging about too much football and join a team!

About 4 years ago I decided it was time to feel like one of the guys and have my own fantasy team. I had zero clue what I was doing, but wanted to have a taste of what my then-boyfriend-now-husband was obsessing over for 16 weeks of the year. And I have to say I am am fantasy football addict. The Wackadoodles have carried me far every year, but even better it has been a great way to bond with my hubby over one of his many sports obsessions.

You should play fantasy football for the good of your relationship and here is why:

  1. You can get involved in game day. Before I played fantasy football I think I complained 3,447 times every time the word football came up. Maybe that is an exaggeration, but the truth is I could care less about when the Eagles played the Browns and now I have a tinsy bit more interest. For the sake of my team, of course.
  2. The attention is on you which is where it belongs! “That’s your quarterback that just scored.” “Oh no your wide receiver is hurt…we will have to draft you a new player.” Comments like this during a game are so much more appealing than back and forth banter about Tebow and the ref strike.
  3. You can let your significant other feel like he is teaching you something. Listen, I know a thing or two about how football works but it is fun to let on that your partner has the utmost knowledge about the game that they are so kindly bestowing on you. We all like to have a feel like we have the smarts in the house from time to time….”Wow, honey, I had no idea that Peyton Manning was traded to the Broncos.” Wink, wink.
  4. It is extra bonding with your beau. Between work, meetings, errands and the like sometimes quality time with your sweetie is few and far between. Playing some virtual f-ball with your partner can have the same healthy benefits as working out together would. With the weekly team update (which is a quick process) and watching a few games together you can rack up some major time together that otherwise might have been spent solo.
  5. You can kick some major butt and rub it in your significant others face. There is some skill needed to have a good fantasy team, but really what it comes down to is chance. Often times the player that is talked up to be the best of the year is a complete flop and the defense that was supposed to dominate doesn’t. The Fantasy Gods have no mercy when Tom Brady breaks his ankle in week two or you lose by .3 points and vow to quit fantasy forever. I have picked players based on their rankings, based on the names I recognized or strictly based on their mascot. All have been relatively successful. Two years ago I beat my husband AND won my entire league. Major bragging rights to this day.
  6. He’ll owe you one. As long as you make it seem like your significant other is the one that begged you to invest your time in the NFL, you can always keep your secret fantasy football weapon in your back pocket. Use it on times when, say, you don’t want to do the dishes or you need a foot massage. #justsaying

At the end of the day you and your lover will be a little closer over the experience while you get invested in the sports world for a few months… and then get back to hating ESPN and their endless sports rambling. Or maybe that is just what I do.

Jump on the virtual game of ball bandwagon! I’m thinking a team of healthy lifestyle bloggers is a REALLY good idea.

Have you ever played fantasy football? Is there a hobby you have picked up because your significant other loves it? Let’s talk about it below. 



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