Picnic in the Park with Target

Our first picnic of the season might be the best one we have ever had. Seriously.

The Target crew invited us to Madison Square Park and truly spoiled us rotten with the most adorable and thoughtful picnic we have ever been a part of. There were a lot of bystanders that had to be jealous of our afternoon set-up. Just look at it:

Picnic In the Park Close-Up

Every item at the event was from a Target store from the picnic blanket to ingredients in the delicious food that was served to us. We even had a mocktail inspired by the Target workers called the Red and Khaki. Creative, right?

The set-up was amazing and we truly felt inspired to bring our picnic to the next level. Luckily we have all summer to make our picnic skills perfect.

Here are 3 fun tips to make your next picnic an A+ event:

  • Get gear specifically for a picnic-ing. We admit that we used to grab paper plates and an old sheet before heading out to the park and call it good. But having containers, flatware and blankets that are meant for your time spent at a picnic made our picnic experience so much more fun and authentic. Plus, we thinking having the right material will encourage you to picnic more often. Target has an amazing picnic accessory collection to shop from.
  • Plan a themed menu. The Target test kitchen focused on summer salads and we were overly impressed. We ate a twist of a potato salad (served on a skewer), a garden couscous salad and a sprout slaw that was our absolute favorite. Coming up with a menu that is themed will allow you to get creative in the kitchen and peruse Pinterest with a purpose.

Picnic in the Park Salads

  • Take you time! We admired the leisurely aspect of our picnic in the park so much so that it was hard to get back into gear in the office. But that is how picnic-ing should be. Make sure you pick a time for your event when you know you don’t have to rush around. Enjoy good conversation, catch up with old friends and cherish the vitamin D.

And, Target, THANK YOU…this stuffed-to-the-brim picnic bag was an overly nice gesture.

Picnic Bag from Target

Have you ever been to a picnic that made your jaw drop? What is your favorite part about picnic season?



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