Persimmons: Nothing to Fear

Are you really letting an unknown fruit intimidate you again? Put your brave face on in the produce aisle and bring some brightness to your diet during the winter months with persimmons. Most likely, you have skipped over to the more familiar fruits like bananas and apples, but the vibrant fruit that looks like a tomato-pumpkin hybrid offers a mild, sweet flavor that is something to be desired.

Persimmons are in season from November until February, but peak during the month of December (so hurry to the grocery store!). There are two varieties of persimmons. Hachiya is the more common variety and has an astringent flavor so should only be enjoyed when it is ripe or softened. Bite into the acorn shaped fruit when it is soft and gives a water balloon, squishy texture. On the other hand, the fuyus variety, which is similar in shape to a tomato, can be eaten when firm and enjoyed like an apple.

Eat this delectable fruit for any meal of the day. Persimmons can be used for added flavor on your oatmeal, when baking cookies and cakes, sliced on a beautiful salad and even in soups and stews.  What are you waiting for?

Are you a persimmon newbie? Share your first time experience with the fruit.

Photo courtesy of Koshyk via Flickr (CC BY 3.0)


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