Never Too Slow: A Running Club Mantra

Guest Post by Amanda Brooks

The “I’m too slow” or “they’re too fast” logic is what stopped me from joining a great friend at track workouts for almost a year. This same logic is what I hear many of you repeating when you say you really WISH you had people to run with, but are too afraid to go to a running group. I have now participated in 10 different running clubs in cities across the country and I can promise you that you will never be too slow for the group.

Most groups break down in to different pace groups as they start:

  • There are fast people.
  • There are middle of the packers.
  • There are slower runners.
  • There are people who transition with between running and walking.
  • There are almost ALWAYS walkers. People who are new, people who are injured, people who just want to walk and have no desire to run.

As a part of this community you are embraced and welcomed. Truly, I have never once met a true runner who wasn’t beyond excited to bring someone else in to the running fold!  If you are slower than most of the group, guess what…you will get faster by being around them because it provides encouragement!  Most of us do not start out fast, we get there because of inspiration, motivation and the crazy runner’s high that we have all latched on to.

Make your next run be a team effort!

With all of that being said, if you do find yourself at a running club where you feel like an outsider because of your pace (not because you are the new kid on the block) realize they aren’t the spirit of true runners and keep looking or Start Your own Run Club!  And if you are worried about being too slow to start a club then call yourselves “The Slow Runners” or “Turtle Club” and get on with having fun!


Many of you had great thoughts on getting over the “too slow” barrier, so please chime in! I want everyone to have the confidence and pleasure of trying out a running club and loving every second of it.

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Are you part of a running club? Are you inspired to join now?


  1. Great post Amanda! I’m not much of a runner anymore, but this post makes me think a lot about finding the right yoga studio! Many avoid it as they don’t think they’re bendy enough, but, like you said about the running clubs, there really is a good fit for everyone – you gotta try ’em on though to find it!


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